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In the past, to be able to build a website, you had to have extensive knowledge of how to code, build, and design a successful website. Now, almost anyone can have an online presence with the various options that make building a website widely available. However, just because anyone can design a website, doesn’t mean that you should get the cheapest website possible! That may just end up being a complete waste of money.

AVID Marketing has over 20 years experience designing websites. Experts like us can provide recommendations from the planning stages to after the launch of the website while also detailing the abilities, limitations and costs associated with different website building solutions.

Here are some considerations when planning your website:

  • What format will your website be developed?
  • Where are you hosting your website?
  • Can you add bells n’ whistles to your website with your current website host?
  • How much traffic will you get and how much website space do you require on a server?
  • Do you require a secure certificate?
  • How will you handle your site’s security and prevent hackers?
  • What kind of theme should you get to run your website and how much will that cost? Not every theme is built the same. Actually, they are often all different and more complicated to figure out than a simple one-click installation.
  • Do you require any special plugins to make your website work for you?

Here are a few plugin options that AVID Marketing can implement into your website and why they are important:

YOAST – This is an SEO plugin that automatically adds the right keywords to your website and creates a site map so that search engines can find your website pages.

WOOCOMMERCE – This plugin helps to add products, pricing, shipping and credit card processing through your website.

JETPACK – Security, performance, and site management tools for your website.

BUDDYPRESS – Add membership features, group chat rooms, and forums to your website.

GOOGLE ANALYTICS – Do you want to see who is checking out your website and what pages are the most visited?

E-BLAST LIST FORMS – We can help setup either Mailchimp or Constant Contact on your website so you can capture your visitor’s information and send them e-mail campaigns.

WP ROCKET – Is your website acting slow and preventing users from accessing your information? AVID can help you speed it up!

These are just a few of the professional plugins that AVID can help you setup when we design your website. But we don’t just stop there. We can maintain your website and keep it up-to-date too!

If this seems overwhelming to you, it is! A properly designed website is a process. You’ll need to plan ahead and develop the website so that it not only promotes your brand, but will enhance your customer’s experience. Allow us to work with you on your website design and you’ll have a website that works for you, is secure, and helps your customers get the information they need to buy your products and services.


AVID Marketing can also help you setup and integrate your social media into your website using a variety of plugins. Do you need assistance in creating social media campaigns for your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts. It is important to have someone who knows how to properly plan your social media campaigns, Facebook ads, budgeting, etc.

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