About AVID


Since birth, Dave Griffiths has been a designer at heart. He thinks back to when he was a child and the pride he felt after he had cut up his dad’s National Geographic magazines and put together his own magazine with glue and construction paper. His father wasn’t so happy; however the creative spark in David’s eye was born.

Throughout high-school he has always had a desire to design and create. He attended the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida, and graduated with two degrees in Advertising and Graphic Design. For many years, David worked in the design field either as a webmaster or a graphic designer. Throughout his career, he has always worked for his freelance clients and built up his own clientele.

During David’s first job after college at Jackson Memorial Hospital in the Public Relations Department, he learned the importance of showcasing ethnic diversity in today’s business world. While employed at JaxWraps in Jacksonville, Florida, he learned how to take a two-dimensional image and transform it into a three-dimensional vehicle wrap. At every one of his positions, whether it was as a Publisher, a Webmaster, or as an Art Director, David always learned from his experiences and brings with him a varied background and a “box” full of ideas.

In 2011, David launched his own online magazine and began learning about social media. In June 2012, while he was working two jobs, he completed his IT Computer Networking Systems degree at ITT-Technical Institute, studying IT and Computer Networking Systems. In addition to his software skills, he wanted to enhance his computer knowledge and earned a 3.78 grade point average after having been out of school for fifteen years. “I did not rely upon my education to get me where I am today. I relied upon my ability to learn on my own, to try different methods, to test and to repeat those methods that worked and to learn from those that didn’t,” he says.

In 2014, after years of helping many other companies with their company branding, David decided to finally brand himself and started his own printing and marketing company. AVID Marketing was founded because David saw the need for small companies to have creative campaigns like a high-end advertising agency, but offer reliable and professional design and printing services at a reasonable cost. AVID can produce everything from promotional products like putting you logo on pens, to smaller designs like business cards, up to larger design and production jobs like vehicle wraps. “We specialize in helping our clients with absolutely anything and everything you may need to enhance and grow your business,” David says.

AVID Marketing, Inc. is a company based in South Florida, owned by David Griffiths who is the creative director and his business partner, Irv Scott, who manages the financial and sales aspects of the business. David has been a graphic designer and advertising professional in Florida for over 20 years and he is a dedicated and hard-working employee. He is a positive and energetic person, with a keen attention to detail, the ability to multi-task and handle projects effectively, and can easily adapt to a fast-paced environment.

Having been through it all, David has thousands of hours of professional design time invested and over the years, has helped hundreds of people with their design work. It sounds cliché, but he really can think “outside-the-box” and come up with ideas that will not only grab attention and attract an audience, but his designs can also direct customers to follow through on your call-to-action. So whether you are looking for a full-time creative professional in your office, or you’re interested in hiring a professional to handle your company’s marketing needs.

Over the years, David’s design jobs have brought him to meet many printing professionals. AVID Marketing contracts with these people to provide high-quality printing and productions for our clients. David’s ability to design all sorts of different projects makes him not only a versatile designer, but he also maintains a proven track record of managing multiple projects and meeting deadlines.

David’s graphic design and marketing portfolio consists of advertisements, event posters, banners and trade-show displays, vehicle wraps, business cards and professional letterhead and envelopes, as well as t-shirts and social media videos and websites. No matter what your needs are, David can come up with a plan for a creative marketing campaign and implement it.

Currently, AVID Marketing is using Every Door Direct Marketing (EDDM), a relatively new service by the USPS, to help our clients reach local customers using exclusive and co-op postcards and offer incentives to entice people to use their businesses.

When you hire AVID Marketing, Inc., you’re not just getting an empty box. You’re getting years of job experience, loads of creativity, and yes, lessons learned from mistakes already made – and corrected! So when you’re looking at hiring a new guy for your team, consider this old guy!

So the only question left to ask is… What can AVID do for you?