What Can AVID Do For You?

AVID's Focus

Think of AVID Marketing as your one-stop shop for anything you may need to promote your brand directly to your target audience.
Professional Design

AVID has designed everything from vehicle wraps and signs to business cards, T-shirts and websites.

Printing Services

We can print everything from postcards to signs that a small business, start-up or your home-business needs.

Web & Social Media

Leave your website design and social media campaigns, tracking and statistics to the professionals.

Brilliant Ideas

Backed by over 20 years experience in the advertising, marketing, publishing, public relations and printing industry.

What's AVID About?

AVID Marketing is South Florida's Small Business Advertising Agency and Printing Company.
Thomas Edison

"Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety nine percent perspiration." Advertising and Marketing is the same thing. It takes a good eye-catching design, quality printing at a low cost, and the smart people at AVID who can get your message out to the world, using either social media or many other brilliant ways to promote your company and brand.

  • inspiration


  • perspiration


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Our Team

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David Griffiths
CEO/Creative Director
With over 20 years in the printing, publishing and advertising industry, Dave knows what to do! You can trust him to listen to your needs from the start.
Irv Scott
CFO/Sales Director
Irv is the money man and our T-shirt specialist. He’s the one who sends you your invoices and will break your legs if you don’t pay. LOL
Delivery Guy
Spike is our most valuable team member, always keeping us motivated and out for walks. He’s ready for a ride in the delivery car anytime!
Our newest member of the AVID family, Abigail will be here to answer your call with her sparkly personality!


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